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Decorative Plaster Mouldings And Plaster Cornice By

Using decorative plaster mouldings and other decoration is not a new element, but if it is done with a few lines and unique ideas for each area. CorniceDesigns can design custom design that suits your needs without limits. The limit is your imagination, from the large windows to create smooth plaster frames or decorated with a classic style makes the rooms of your home as a unique space. Make use of soft colors for the walls combined with the natural white plaster mouldings will create a beautiful environment to feel comfortable.

Fibrous Plaster Coving

Placing plaster moulding on the ceiling:

A quick and clean installation requires many rehearsals. The plaster moldings on the ceiling are fragile and heavy, but this finish is very elegant, its cost is higher than that of polyurethane.

The placement is similar in both, only more care with plaster are required, due to its weight and fragility.

Fixing is done with plaster fillings, in the case of plaster mouldings, and be textured.

  • You must first decide what position will place the moulding if at the juncture of wall and ceiling, or wall, at a distance from the ceiling or roof, at a distance from the wall, forming a perimeter frame.
  • Using a boot tracer, trace a guide for installation, pointing around the perimeter of the room. Straight moldings joined by the corner, or simply trim lines, which will cut at 45°, to join in the corners can be used. In the case of using a corner, you need to cut a size that harmonizes with the scope to cover. The cuts are made with the meter box.
  • The installation starts with a corner and then continue its adjacent. The glue is placed on the back of the corner, making sure not to use in excessive amounts. Place it on the wall and pressed firmly for a few seconds to be set. Wipe out the extra with the spatula, and fill any gaps.
  • In the end, fill the gaps and remove the excess with a damp sponge. If necessary, the surface is sanded.

Plaster Cornice

When the installation is complete, the room is painted. If polyurethane moldings are used, solvent paints can be avoided, because they destroy the polyurethane.

Do you have any ideas to decorate your home with plaster cornice? No doubt you're in the right place to find or make the perfect piece for that space...

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